Emerald cut salt and pepper diamond in "Serenity" setting


 Emerald cut


Pure, elegant simplicity can be found in our "Serenity" setting 

With its Emerald shape center diamond, this Serenity setting is brought to its full potential. The rose gold band measures about 2mm in width to ensure an overall delicate look and comfortable fit. (Also available in white gold or yellow gold)

- made in your finger size -

18kt: +-R29 900

14kt: +-R24 900

9kt: +-R20 900

(Prices based on a 0.6ct diamond. Larger sizes available)

emerald cut diamond

Our "Serenity" setting is extremely versatile and can be made with a variety of different diamond shapes. Examples of popular shapes are: Oval, round, emerald, hexagon, kite, shield. Your shape of choice will be sourced especially for you. The exact price of the ring will depend on the specific diamond we find for you. 




All our Salt and Pepper diamonds are hand selected. Each one is unique in its own beautiful way and therefore promises each client their own, one of a kind diamond. No one else will have one quite like yours!


To discuss your unique Salt and Pepper masterpiece, simply visit our "contact" page and drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!