Engagement ring vs wedding band

15 February 2019
Engagement ring vs wedding band

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

And do I need both?


The answer may seem obvious to some, but this is a question I am often asked by my male clients who have decided to pop the big question. (And let’s face it guys, you are great at many things, but jewellery probably isn’t one of them!)


In a nutshell, I have outlined the main differences, when each is presented and if both are essential.


The engagement ring is presented when you wipe your sweaty palms one last time, drop your knee and pop the question. This ring is usually the more extravagant between the two and the sparkly one that appears in the inevitable selfie.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is a surprise, but more women today are part of the selecting / design process.


The wedding ring is presented on the wedding day during the vows. This ring is your promise to stay together through thick and thin. This is usually a simple, narrow band (possibly with a few small diamonds) that is worn together with the engagement ring.

(On this day you will have to start getting used to wearing a ring as well, as she will be giving you one too.)


Do I need both??

This is totally a personal preference thing. Some couples decide to ditch the wedding ring and simply stick to the engagement ring alone. If the engagement ring contains a lot of detail and / or diamonds, couples sometimes feel that adding a second ring to the mix would be overpowering.

A minimalist, single-diamond-on-a-band kind of engagement ring is complimented well by a narrow wedding band with or without some detail or small diamonds.


If you do decide to go with both rings, it is usually worthwhile purchasing them at the same time. Jewellers would often give discount for rings bought as a set. (We do anyway!)


All the best with your decision, and as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or advice you may need.

:) Lisa - Firefly jewellery designer


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